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TicketMobile is an online ticket-provider for

TicketMobile is an online ticket-provider for events, conferences and festivals within music, food, sports, exhibitions, and more. We target at the moment a variation of medium-sized events, local, and small events primarily, but are able to offer ticket sales and support on larger events.

Working at TicketMobile gives you challenges and a learning curve that makes you grow “with” the firm. TicketMobile is looking for candidates that are able to excel in what they do, as well as to preform on leadership directions and find paths for great solutions. This is a fine balance for both a manager and yourself.

As a start-up company TicketMobile are able to both give you experience and feedback in “learning by doing”, and at the same time you will enjoy a sense of individual empowerment in your projects. Nevertheless, we ask of you to bring value in what you do in the firm and to be a responsible employee or intern. Welcome to the TicketMobile way.


We currently have no open positions:


Interested? Please contact our CEO, Stina Birkeland on +47 95 23 51 88 or by email
Feel free to send us your CV as an open application.


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